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Dr. Harter's Botanicals

At DHB we are on a mission to enhance the wellness of each person, from both the inside out and outside in, with super charged nutrition, carefully curated herbal teas and the most luxurious organic skincare.

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Introduction to Dr. Harter's Botanicals

Our founder, Dr. Kristi Harter, speaks on our mission to empower women to Nourish their health and beauty from the inside out and outside in.

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Nourish yourself

From the inside out

Dr. Harter's Botanicals was built on the premise that beauty and wellness start on the cellular level, with optimized nutrition and lifestyle practices being at the forefront of health. We combine the use of vitamin packed foods with simple organic skincare for the ultimate in creating that gorgeous glow from the inside out.

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Simple educational information to elevate your wellness inside and out

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The anxiety formula is a life saver. I take drops when I am feeling overwhelmed especially with raising my two small children. It helps control the anxiety right away. Perfect for taking the edge off.

Jaymee R.

“I recently burned my hand on my tea kettle and quickly applied Dr. Harter’s Healing Salve into my skin. (After reading Dr. Kristi’s blog, I followed her advice and put the salve in my kitchen cabinet, which is a great place to keep it for emergencies.) I reapplied the salve a few times throughout the day and it helped ease the pain.”

Nicole H.

I really love the sleep tea. It tastes amazing and is super calming! I'll definitely be buying more in the future!

Jordyn D.

“For years, I’ve had dry lips, even when drinking lots of water. The DHB Lip Balm is the first lip balm that has truly worked for me. Instead of masking my chapped lips, it actually absorbs into the skin and softens my lips. I love layering it with my lipstick or gloss for all my Zoom calls. ;)”

April E.

Dr. Harter's Botanical is yet another favorite of mine. This healing salve is soothing and effective. I've used it on my grandson's sunburn, with quick and amazing results. Just 3 applications ( one per hour) and the sunburn was gone! In addition to this, I used it on my horse's leg which had some type of rash or perhaps an abrasion. With only four applications, he was completely healed in two days! Prior to using The Healing Salve, I tried every horse topical ointment available, with zero success. The botanical Chap Stick is a must have in our house! I'm looking forward to trying many more of Dr. Harter's products."


Love and it’s perfect for the whole fam. It feels so nice on my lips. I even used it on my newborn’s face and it helped clear up her skin quickly! JH

Lip balm


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