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Zoom Cover page of 7 day detox with green salad by Dr. Kristi Harter

7 day detox program


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A self-guided 7 day program to jump start your BEST health. 

In this easy to use program you will follow the menu plan and recipes to use food as medicine to optimize nutrition and start feeling your finest. We eliminate the greatest sources of inflammation in the diet so that you are eating the healthiest (and most delicious) foods for your body. 

With simplicity and taste in mind, Dr. Harter created this plan as a kick start to modifying your everyday diet to include nutritionally dense foods that will optimize your liver function, elevate skin health, increase energy and boost moods. Whether you use it one time, as a monthly reset or as a cookbook, this 7 day program is an amazing tool for optimizing your diet. 

The program also includes tips on how to support all detoxification systems in your body with easy to use tricks to incorporate into daily life. 

7 day detox program



What foods will I avoid on the detox?

You will be avoiding the foods that are known to be the most inflammatory in the diet. Sugar, alcohol, grains, soy, dairy and peanuts are off the menu for this week long detox.

Will I feel badly during the detox?

Many people will experience a day or two of aches or pains while starting a cleanse. As your body is getting rid of inflammation and excess toxins you may feel sluggish or achey but those symptoms should resolve within a few days.

I am pregnant/breastfeeing. Can I do the detox?

It is always best to ask your doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting any detox program if you have any health concerns.

Will I lose weight on the detox?

Weight loss takes time and this detox is not designed for quick weight loss. You may experience some loss of weight that is visible but it is typically due to water loss during this short period of time. This detox was designed for a jumping point or reset, not a long term weight loss program.


Yummy foods

A detox does not have to mean your food will taste (or look) like cardboard. By using fresh ingredients with good fats (Hello salmon and avocado!) your food is not only nutritious but also delicious!


Green chocolate smoothie

Smoothies are an easy way to incorporate greens into your diet first thing in the morning. This recipe includes cocoa powder, almond butter, banana honey with spinach so that your greens taste like a treat.


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