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Our Story

After dipping my toe in the business world after college I knew I wanted a career that was more creative but also where I could help and support those around me. I went through an 8-month certification for Massage therapy and, while I did not eventually practice massage for any length of time, it got me to where I am today.

During the time of my massage course my Grandmother (Gammy) had suffered several strokes and when I visited she and my Grandfather I knew I needed to be with them to support her health journey. I started making all kinds of concoctions using plants, diving into any botanical medicine book I could get my hands on. The salve that we sell today was first made way back then to help with Gammy’s thin skin and bruising that occurred frequently.

My role of caregiver lasted about 2 years and I quickly realized after going to many doctors visits that I wanted to play a role in healthcare that put the patient first. My Grandmother was well loved by her doctors but they had very little time to spend with her and their only answers were to give her more medications.

We had a nurse come in 8 hours per day 5 days a week and I took that opportunity to do my pre-requisites for school to become a Naturopathic doctor (which I had heard of briefly in massage school). I got into the nation’s most scientific based and advanced school for Naturopathic medicine, Bastyr University and started my doctorate program in the Fall of 2000.

While I loved focusing on plant medicine, I started to make a deep connection to how food creates health and wanted to immerse myself into learning more about nutrition. I went through the Masters in Nutrition program with clinical studies to become a Registered Dietitian which allowed me to guide patients in using food to support their best health.

Throughout this time I continued to make plant based skincare, teas and tinctures to support the health of myself and family. We had several diagnosis’ of autoimmune disease in my family (including myself….Celiac) and I was learning more about how to support those specific needs through plants. I started training in Organic skincare formulation through a school in the UK and have since gotten a diploma through that course (and am working on another!).

For the past 15 years I have been working with patients to understand how the food that they eat can be the easiest step in creating optimal wellness. I created Dr. Harter’s Botanicals to pass along educational information on creating health from the inside out while supporting the skin with organic, all natural (read: NO PLASTICS) skincare to create a simple routine to nourish from the outside in.

Today my mission is to empower women to create their best health from the inside out and outside in. I make the most amazing all organic teas that are super high in minerals and vitamins to support the body in many ways. My organic skincare has taken many years to develop the most gorgeous face oil, treatment balm, gentle cleansers, body butters and salve that you can get on the market.

I am in love with what we have created and I am grateful to all of you who are here for this story and my journey. I appreciate you all. Cheers to amazing health!

Many blessings

Dr. K



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