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Chocolate Banana Green Smoothie

This smoothie has it all. Easy to make. Nutritious. Delicious. 

Looks can be a bit deceiving with this smoothie with its deep green color coming from the cup of spinach. It tastes sweet and chocolatey without a hint of good-for-you anywhere. 

You can switch up the almond butter with any nut butter you prefer, just make sure it is organic and sugar free. Peanut butter, Walnut butter, Cashew butter or (my very favorite) Pecan butter are all amazing in this recipe. 

Want to get a little more creaminess in this delicious morning beverage? Try using oat milk or almond milk...really any nut milk that you desire. It will add a few more calories but give you more protein and nutrients overall. 

The spinach gives you a good dose of plant iron plus magnesium and vitamin B6. It also has a hefty 14% of your daily vitamin C to boost your collagen production. The chocolate assists your cells with antioxidants to protect your skin from sun damage. 

Add in a few berries for more vitamin boost and Enjoy! 

Serving size: 1



1 ripe organic banana (optional: freeze bananas ahead to make the smoothie thicker)

1 T heaping cocoa powder

1 cup organic spinach

6 ice cubes

1 T raw organic honey (optional)

2 T raw organic almond butter

1/4 c water



1. Blend until smooth, ignore the green color, and enjoy!


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