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Self Care Sunday is SABATOGE

Self-care Sunday is SABATOGE

I do not dislike the concept of “Self-care Sundays” or being able to take some time out of one day a week that is designated to taking care of yourself. However, long before 2020 with COVID, Zoom classes, social unrest and all of the other upheaval this year, women and Moms everywhere were having difficulty taking time for themselves.

So, while I am a huge advocate of taking any time that we can to devote to conscious relaxation, rest and care for ourselves, I believe that this process HAS to be an effort that is made every single day in order to support our well-being. Because, the bottom line is that if you do not take care of yourself, eventually, you will not be able to take care of all those around you (read…job, kids, husband, family) that depend on your support.

In my practice I hear a consistent message from women that they are tired, stressed, not sleeping well and they simply do not have time to add in anything else to their day that would constrict an already packed schedule. And I have to disagree. If your body is reacting to your schedule with red flags like a lack of energy, shifting moods or sleep issues then you are already past the point of needing more attention to your self-care.

And, although your physical body has sent up the smoke signals, it is not too late to support your system in a way that will positively impact your health long term. Planning on adding simple, but well-thought, actions to your day can be more impactful in the long run to take care of your own health and is the best thing that can happen to everyone else in your life.

Here are a few recommendations that, while may seem big, will assist your overall day to day well-being. Whether you have children, a big job, taking care of family or trying to navigate this new world in 2020, I suggest starting with one thing at a time and adding all the things that will be a benefit to you. 

  • Make sure that you are drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day (if you are 150 pounds that would be 75 oz)
    • Proper hydration has everything to do with your energy, metabolism and blood sugar!
    • Water bottles like are not only adorable but will also help you be conscious of your daily intake
  • Eat throughout the day. Make certain that you are getting at least 3 meals per day. Your kid’s leftovers do not count.
    • If you can’t seem to get yourself meals that aren’t dinosaur or goldfish shaped there are a lot of delivery services that can help. We like for good, clean meals that are easily made and delivered frozen for convenience.
    • If the day does not allow for a real meal then make sure that you are planning for snacks such as peanut(or other nut)butter + apple or hummus + carrots (or celery, red peppers or cucumbers) or seaweed snacks that are easily and quickly accessed.
  • Create time to exercise. Whether your exercise is walking, yoga, spin classes or stretching by yourself, it is imperative that you have the space to do some activity that does not involve running to an interview or chasing a child.
    • Speak with your partner, family or babysitter about creating this time in your schedule. There has to be buy-in from your support system about the importance of your time to be active
    • Find an activity that you LOVE so that you look forward to your exercise. If you are not the typical run/bike/yoga exerciser then consider activities like dance, hula-hooping or swimming
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night. I wrote a great blog about how to get good sleep here, for all the things to help with sleep.
    • Go to bed early so that you have the opportunity to have enough hours in bed to get your sleep even if you get disturbed
    • If your kiddos are disrupting your sleep, then creating a system of balance. If you have a partner that can take turns with night-time help, creating a schedule so you all get better rest.
  • Give yourself a break. You are amazing and doing your best. Remember compassion and kindness with yourself as the ultimate exercise in selfcare.
    • Use your breath a few times per day to connect into your own being. Sit tall, breathe into your belly for 4 counts, hold 4 counts and exhale 4 counts. Repeat 3-4 times and often through the day
    • Have gratitude for all around you. Be conscious of all the things you do have. Remember to relax in those things that you are grateful for and give thanks. It goes a long way towards your overall well-being.


Practicing self-care may seem too difficult in everyday life but is the ultimate way to allow for the everyday grace for ourselves that is essential in today’s world.


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