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Perfect Pesto

Perfect Pesto

Pesto is an amazingly versatile sauce that can be used as a dip, sauce or dressing. Use it with crusty bread for a flavorful dip, to top fish before baked or with a fresh salad. If you replace the basil with cilantro and add a bit of onion it can be a delicious way to chelate heavy metals out of your body. If you switch the basil for stinging nettles you will be adding much needed trace minerals and can help lower overall inflammation. Any way you use it, this pesto is Perfect.
1 c organic basil*
8-10 pecans**
2 clove garlic
1 T extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper                                                 
1.Combine basil, garlic, olive oil, pecans, lemon, salt and pepper in the blender.  2. Blend until smooth and Serve
Prep time:  5 minutes
Yield:  4 servings   
*Can replace basil with other herbs such as cilantro, stinging nettle or carrot tops
**Can replace pecans with pine nuts, almonds or walnuts


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