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Improve Digestion with Plants

Improve your digestion with plants

Do you ever eat a small meal but feel VERY full? Get bloating after meals? Have a lot of gas, especially after certain foods? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you need to know about how some plants can help support your body’s digestive function. Herbs like gentian and wild cherry bark will stimulate bitter receptors to start the digestive juices flowing. Botanicals like licorice and marshmallow root will coat the lining of the digestive tract to help prevent or treat heartburn. Other plants like aloe and cascara sagrada will soothe the intestines and keep you regular.

As we age our body produces fewer digestive enzymes that we need in order to break down the protein, fat and carbohydrates in our food. This deficiency of digestive juices can slow down the digestive process and cause food to sit in our stomach longer than necessary which can cause bloating, belching or heartburn. Bitter herbs such as Gentian and Wild Cherry bark stimulate bitter receptors and allow for the body to prepare for food so that the digestion is more efficient and optimal.

Heartburn is a common ailment that can often occur after meals that are too big and spicy or if you have low digestive enzymes. It can cause damage to your digestive tract that can make digesting foods progressively more difficult. By taking mucilaginous (mucous producing) herbs you can coat the esophagus and stomach which creates a barrier to protect the lining of the tract. Taking some Licorice root in a tablet before meals or a tea of Marshmallow and licorice can be just the formula to create healing for your digestion and treat heartburn.

Aloe vera is a common plant that is widely known to have healing properties. Aloe is used to treat wounds but can also be used to aid the digestion. It has a gentle laxative effect that can be used regularly to help keep our digestion regular. Another plant that is less known is Cascara sagrada. It has a potent laxative effect that is used occasionally to assist with constipation.

Whatever digestive complaint you have there is always a plant around to give support to the gastrointestinal tract. If you want to start aiding your digestion by eating anti-inflammatory foods in your diet start with one of our nutrition programs.


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