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How to Incorporate Flowers into Your Everyday Life

I adore flowers and have since I was a child. My first love was buttercups, the tiny bright yellow flower that I would pick and hold under my sister’s chin to make sure that she LOVED butter. Throughout my life, this love affair has grown and even my husband knows the great value of sending me flowers “just because.” I love the beauty of flowers around the house and there is something even more special about having them in your food, drink or even your bathtub. If you fancy florals like me, then I know you’ll love these ideas for integrating flowers into your daily routine:

  • Add beautiful edible flowers to salads, cheese plates or cocktails. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and produce a bright orange flower. More common flower petals like rose, pansy, sunflower and marigolds can bring a bright pop of color and fun taste to any meal.
  • Make tea out of fresh or dried flowers. Lavender flowers are especially nice as a nighttime tea, as they calm the day’s nerves. Only a few flowers are needed, and you can pair them with honey to offset the strong flavor. If they are blooming in your garden, chamomile and rose can be added to your lavender tea for a well-rounded and tranquil toast. Hibiscus flowers make a refreshing and tart tea that is wonderful as a summertime sun tea.
  • Enjoy a flower bath to end your day. Adding petals or whole flowers to your bath can turn a mundane nighttime routine into a luxurious ritual. Flowers add a gorgeous visual to the bath and can be medicinal as well. Rose and lavender are calming due to their essential oils, while orange-hued calendula and arnica flowers can soothe sore muscles. Blue cornflower petals can add a distinctive tint to your tub and improve skin tone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions for incorporating flowers into your future. Here’s to growing and glowing!


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