Dr. Kristi’s Story

Dr. Kristi Harter, ND, MS, RD, has been formulating botanical bitters, tonics, teas and elixirs for many years to help elevate her patients’ health. Long before she was Dr. Harter, she was dancing through daffodils, growing 10-foot-tall tomato vines and playing in the kitchen with plants. Her favorite pastime was finding obscure, decades-old (or even centuries-old) recipes that she could update and use to create anything from skincare salves and hair tonic to medicinal honey for a sore throat.

Dr. Harter’s Botanicals was born in 2018 after Dr. Harter discovered that her husband’s ancestors had a medicine-making company with Wild Cherry bitters as its flagship product. Dr. Kristi and her husband, Michael, decided to make her dreams come true by partnering to create a botanical company that delivers carefully crafted and curated medicines for everyday ailments.

Today, Dr. Harter’s Botanicals is helping people achieve optimal health through education, resources and high-quality all-natural products that help with everyday ailments like fatigue and digestive dilemmas. As a naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Kristi meets individuals every day who are seeking answers to their health issues, which is why the entire Dr. Harter’s Botanicals team is committed to helping its customers unearth aches and adopt natural and nourishing remedies.

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