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Welcome to the Dr. Harter’s Botanicals blog where we provide fun, educational and relevant content about all things plants and herbs! Written by founder and Naturopathic doctor Dr. Kristi Harter and her trusted contributors, the blog is your guide for understanding herbal ingredients, uncloaking confusing medical conditions and demystifying herbal concoctions so you can live a simply nourished life.

Follow along as we post easy-to-follow life hacks that will help you with things like improved sleep, better digestion, pain reduction, anxiety relief, and a strong immune system in the era of a pandemic. We may even post quick videos to demonstrate the simplicity of using plants in food or medicine.

Ever wonder about Perfect Pesto, made with unusual ingredients such as Stinging Nettles or Carrot tops? We’ve got you. And then there’s Lavender with its calming and relaxing properties that are ideal in a bath or in a cup of tea…wondrous Calendula which helps with cuts and bug bites… and the beautiful California Poppy which eases sleep and anxiety. And so much more!

If you stick around, you’re bound to be a walking plant encyclopedia in no time.

We invite you to peruse, enjoy and learn while we break down the science and mystery of puzzling everyday illnesses. Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to seeing you around the blog.

Dr. Kristi
Four Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep Naturally
Posted in Blog, July 27th, 2020
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